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OSM Layout

Mapnik-style rendering


Navit configuration options
Tag Attribute Required Type Units Values Notes Example
navit center Y double coords Either:
[-]DD.dd [-]DD.dd
Map will be centred at these coordinates on startup. <navit ... center="4808 N 1134 E" ... >
orientation Y boolean? 0 / -1 orientation="0": Map oriented North.
orientation="-1": Map oriented in direction of travel.
This is equivalent to selecting Settings -> Rules -> Northing in the internal gui.
<navit ... orientation="-1" ... >
tracking Y boolean 0 / 1 tracking="1": Vehicle cursor will lock to the roads on the map.
This is equivalent to selecting Settings -> Rules -> Lock on road in the internal gui.
<navit ... tracking="1" ... >
zoom Y integer 1 to ∞ zoom="1": Most zoomed in.
Map will be zoomed in at this level on startup.
<navit ... zoom="256" ... >
autozoom_active N boolean 0 / 1 autozoom_active="0": Autozoom disabled.
autozoom_active="1": Autozoom enabled.
Default: disabled.
<navit ... autozoom_active="1" ... >
autozoom_secs N integer seconds 1 to ∞ Number of seconds of the way ahead to leave visible during autozoom.
In effect, this specifies the zoom level when autozoom is enabled.
autozoom_secs="1" is closest zoom.
This attribute has no effect without autozoom_active="1".
<navit ... autozoom_secs="60" ... >
pitch N integer degrees 1 to 359 pitch="0": Bird's-eye view of map.
pitch="20": Map tilted by 20 degrees to give 3D view.
<navit ... pitch="20" ... >
radius N integer percent 1 to 100 Percentage of screen size to offset map from centre when moving.
This causes the map to "lead" the vehicle, showing more of where you're going and less of where you've been.
<navit ... radius="33" ... >
recent_dest N integer 1 to ∞ Number of entries kept in destination.txt. This text file stores the most recent destinations set by the user in Navit.
Default: ∞
<navit ... recent_dest="10" ... >
timeout N integer 1 to ∞ When the user scrolls the map, it stays there. After timeout number of GPS updates the map jumps back to the current location of the active vehicle. <navit ... timeout="10" ... >