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Hi Krokofant - noticed your message!

As "wiki-overseer" (a rather grand term which basically means: I'm always checking what's going on!) I'd be delighted if you'd want to lend a hand.

Myself and Mineque have been developing a new front page over the last month, which you can preview at User:Mineque/Templates/Main_Page. It's not quite finished, but we can hopefully replace the current front page soon - as with most of these projects, there's spurts of feverish activity, followed by long luls as we become busy in real life!

Anyway, go ahead and change what you like - it'd be good to have someone with lots of experience. If you feel you need to discuss anything, come find me on IRC (I may not actually be in the room, but I'm constantly watching the logs so if you ask me a question I'll usually log in not much later to chat!) Korrosa 09:15, 25 February 2011 (UTC)