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IRC Number6 appears on irc with the nick Number6.
Trac Number6 appears on trac with the nick Number6.
SVN Number6 commits to subversion as Geoghegan.
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Hi there,

I'm Nick "number6" Geoghegan and I contribute to Navit.

I'm always found on #navit at , although I may not be online all the time. If you see my and don't get a response, I'm probably at work or offline. PM me or just say my username instead, I'll find you then. If you need a hand with anything, from initial setup, to bug fixes and tickets, please let me know. I can compile for WinCE, if you need to - my main GPS is a WinCE device.

Tickets you'd like reviewed[edit]

I've been checking this page less frequently of late. Pinging me in IRC is probably best :-)

Please use the following example on how to put tickets on my page, it'll make life easier for me!

[ Ticket_Web_Address #TICKET_ID - Ticket Name ] -- DD/MM/YYYY -- Wiki Username / Sourceforge Username / IRC Username


#640 - Ireland as locale -- 23/08/2010 -- Number6 / Geoghegan / Number6

#962 -- Breaks iPhone Build, check over Christmas

Tickets I'm interested in[edit]

#461 - osd button to run arbitrary command

#668 - wince only small maps sizes possible

#658 - Adjustable AutoZoom

#651 - nav_destination_wh.svg missing in package

Tickets I've submitted[edit]

#640 - Ireland as locale - Resolved in Revision 3540

#664 - down - Resolved.

Tickets fixed[edit]

#959 - Navit crashes if destination.txt cannot be written as per Revision 4845

#937 - maptool manpage: hyphen used as minus sign as per Revision 4536

#876 - Bad routing analysed: attached bookmarks and screenshots for debugging as per Revision 4536

#12 - Add imperial measurements as per Revision 4126

#739 - T@H Layout: layers order fails some time as per Revision 3927

#717 - Use "openGeoDB:is_in" tag in the absence of any other is_in tags as per Revision 3852

#596 - not able to scroll bookmarks as per Revision 3803

#670 - Android: Add use of secondary location device for faster location fix as per Revision 3783

#688 - Small GTK GUI fixes as per Revision 3723

#698 - Disable WinMo SIP-keyboard in fullscreen mode as per Revision 3721

#642 - Add truck vehicle profile as per Revision 3652

#632 - Android build fails with latest Android NDK as per Revision 3632

#571 - locale "Switzerland" is missing on the Win CE-Version of Navit as per Revision 3623

#638 - is_in:country should be parsed as is_in tag as per Revision 3620

#611 - GPX should log more parameters, including HDOP as per Revision 3614

#619 - gui_internal: "POIs" improvements as per Revision 3611 and Revision 3621

#672 - new OSD speed_warner: fixed and percent speed are not conjunction as per Revision 3598

#640 - misleading text output in as per Revision 3597

#669 - Give more room to the map as per Revision 3584

#609 - OSD speed warner as per Revision 3583

#628 - Please follow API changes in most recent gpsd as per Revision 3580

#565 - Next/Prev buttons should be switched in roadbook as per Revision 3558

#648 - Odometer OSD as per Revision 3557 and Revision 3568 for user-changeable text colour

#643 - OSD stopwatch as per Revision 3549

#637 - patch for sunrise/sunset calculation as per Revision 3541

#640 - Ireland as locale as per Revision 3540