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I have a CarTrek700 PNA.

Technische Produktdaten:

  • CPU: Centrality Atlas 300mhz
  • Betriebssystem: Microsoft WinCE.NET 5.0
  • GPS-Empfänger: Integrierter Sirf Atlas
  • Interner Flash Speicher: 512MB
  • Display: 3,5" TFT-Farb-Touchscreen
  • Batterie: Lithium-Ionen-Akku, 850 mAh
  • Erweiterungssteckplatz: Mini SD-Karte (bis 8GB)
  • Anschlüsse: USB, Kopfhörer, Mini SD-Karte
  • Abmessungen: 98mm x 77,5mm x 13,5mm
  • Gewicht: 110g
  • Interner Lautsprecher

The internal navigation software is CosmicNavigation.

I am looking for a simple way of generating a tracklog file.

I have installed Navit on a microSD card and renamed it MobileNavigator, so that I can start it from the PNA's menu without any internal change in the PNA. It took me some hours to figure out the settings that make Navit read the GPS data. Now I am trying to tell Navit to produce a tracklog file. That looked simple in the wiki, but does not work yet!

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