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Optimizing map layout management

a useful map layout is:

  • for a dedicated usecase: A certain user, doing a certain activity in a certain area


  • A german hiker using a small outdoor navi to hike in the countryside in daylight.
  • A car driver, driving in a unknown town
  • A pedestrian (tourist) traviling through a unkown city


  • What when visible?
  • What how visible? (label, symbol, line, polygone)
  • In which styling? (abbreviations,fonts, icons, colours, shapes)

Per feature

  • Expected density (megacity, city, countryside)


  • basic map config (what feature should how be visualized at which zoom?)
  • colour schemes (night, country colouring/icons)
  • icon packs
  • cursors (more OSD than map related)


  • XML setup
  • icons

style formats[edit]


  • simple style that suits for all kind of vehicles/secenarios (additional layers/settings can be added by vehicle/scenario
  • focus on: "getting from A to location B"
    • not confusing by level of details
    • high zoomlevel: roads+names, landuse, public transport (train, metro), important POIs (police, churchs, universitys...)
    • mid zoomlevel: +minor roads, +public transport (tram, busstations
    • low zoomlevel: +footways, +public transport (taxis, car parking, bicycle parking, ...)


Basing on zoomlevel!


  • MapQuest
  • capital, important cities highlighted - round mark, label with white background
  • highways/autobahnen - signs with ref. number
  • lakes, nature_reserves,
  • rivers
  • countryborders, stateborders


  • airports
  • rails


  • +bridges,tunnels


results from defining this style and new requirements to the style definition ability in navit.


  • variable for current zoomlevel (country, state, county, city, district, street)
  • let user increase detail level (shifting detaillevel without zooming to adapt local requirements)
  • variable for colouring/styling (language colours/icons, topic
  • simplify roads (geometries+labels), rails (geometries)
  • toggle style aspects (icons for highway labels, ...)
  • autolinebreaks for long labels (esp at / ( " chars)
  • cluster/hide labels/items if no space left


  • multilang-support
  • symbols for highways
  • public transport network layers


  • metro entrance