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How can we make sure, that we offer working fine crossplatform releases of our tool to the public and thus:

  • decrase need for support
  • increase user satisfaction
  • Show that navit is a reliable source for navigation

Very basic

  • Compiles every port?
  • All ressources are available for every port?


Here we test the essential functionality, that navit must offer to work as a navigation system.
Please use your consumer device and no simulation modules!

  • Is Navit starting?
  • Is first run displaying an map and OSD is enabled?
  • Is that map style complete and ok for your scenario?
  • Can you control navit with your device in a usual way?
  • Do you get GPS?


  1. Check if you have an valid location and search for surrounding POIs
  2. Try to find your home/parents/holiday location (same city) and start routing
  3. Try to find a address a few miles away and start routing
  4. Plan a short route around your area and try to follow it


  • GUI and OSD
  • Map style and handling
  • Interaction
  • TTS


  • Try other GUIs and Graphics engines with the basic usecases