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we need

  • testcases
  • testpatterns
  • testprotocols
    • platform(ver)*device*tester

How can we make sure, that we offer working fine crossplatform releases of our tool to the public and thus:

  • decrase need for support
  • increase user satisfaction
  • Show that navit is a reliable source for navigation

Very basic

  • Compiles every port?
  • All ressources are available for every port?

platform indipendend

Does the most stuff work on the linux port?

platform dependend

Does all work on the single ports?


Here we test the essential functionality, that navit must offer to work as a navigation system.
Please use your consumer device and no simulation modules!

  • Is Navit starting?
  • Is first run displaying an map and OSD is enabled?
  • Is that map style complete and ok for your scenario?
  • Can you control navit with your device in a usual way?
  • Do you get GPS?


  1. Check if you have an valid location and search for surrounding POIs
  2. Try to find your home/parents/holiday location (same city) and start routing
  3. Try to find a address a few miles away and start routing
  4. Plan a short route around your area and try to follow it


  • GUI and OSD
  • Map style and handling
  • Interaction
  • TTS


  • Try other GUIs and Graphics engines with the basic usecases

build tests

  • apply only commits, that don't break the build

Automated tests

  • will make a lot of additional work
  • might be difficult as platforms might behave differently