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Personal notes on testing navit on windows ce/mobile units:

Medion S3857

  • unlocked to get access to the WinCE core 5.0 environment
  • unzipped


  • only Munich is displayed, but not my area! -> What do I need to do?
  • the OSD looks irregular
  • start takes 10 seconds without feedback
    • +5secs black screen
  • how do i get into the menu?
  • dragging takes 7secs (but better the more you zoom in)
  • accidentally open main menu
  • hitting small submenus is hell
  • adress search is USA, even if map is DE

picking countries doesnt restrit to usefull countries

  • virtual keyboard is slow
  • vk no del button
  • map style visual overload
  • menu items
  • cursor and destination flag are hard to recognize on blue fat routing line
  • routing towards ITMZ leads to crash. Way back not
  • when changes cursor from > to .?
  • cursor updates very slowly
  • removing passed routing "tail" takes long time, but can be triggered by moving the map (confusing, not consistence)
  • labels would need linebreaks


  • position vehicle button is not updated if you stay in menu, only when switching back to map

Additional features

  • helpers: (beeper, rotate screen, display brightness, compass, poweroff,battery stats, keylock)