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If you want to build Navit on your machine please follow the instruction on the page Compiling Navit for WinCE/WinMobile.

Download cab or zip File of Navit

Download navit Version 0.1.1 from Sourceforge (or a daily build) and save it to your desktop PC.

Installation of Navit

SD Card or MicroSD Card

  • Copy the cab-file onto a SD card. Insert it in your mobile device. Start the cab-file for installation.


  • Unpack the zip-file onto a SD card. Insert it in your mobile device. Navigate to the folder navit. Start navit.exe.

Direct Download

If you mobile device with WinCE/WinMobile is directly connected to the internet. Download the cab file and install it.

Editing navit.xml

For configuration with the navit.xml file it it useful to tranfer the the navit.xml to your Desktop-Computer (ActiveSync on Win.. or with SynCE on Linux). Edit the XML-file navit.xml and store it back on your mobile device.

GPS Receiver

GPS Receiver communicates with the Operating System OS via COM1, COM2, ... normally. You have to set the COM-interface with the XML-tag in navit.xml. For example for a bluetooth receiver connected via (virtual) com port com6 working at baudrate 38400 you need to use

<vehicle source="wince:com6:" baudrate="38400" />

Download a Map from OpenStreetmap

Use Navit pre-processed OSM maps. With your browser on desktop:

  • Navigate to the region you want,
  • mark a rectangle for your map (e.g. for Germany) and click select for the chosen rectanglular map.
  • then click on download and save the file to country.bin (e.g. germany.bin) on your desktop computer.
  • copy the file to on your WinCE/WinMobile device via ActiveSync or SynCE on Linux. Because of the size of the maps can copy the map to the (Micro-)SD card on your Desktop PC and insert the card in your mobile device later. Create a directory for the maps on your SD card and copy the files from desktop to that folder (on Linux assuming the SD card was mounted in /StorageCard). Create a directory /maps on the SD card and transfer the map via ActiveSync on mobile device, so that the map can be accessed by the following path. Change name and path to file according to your mobile device.

Note that the separator between directories is on Win-OS the "\" and Linux, Mac, ... "/".

  • The created a directory will be used in navit.xml so that navit is able to find and use the map:
  • Add and enable the map for the application in navit by changing the lines (at approx line number 370)
<mapset enabled="yes">
   <map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="/StorageCard/maps/*.bin"/>

Disable unused mapset sections by setting enabled to no, e.g. the pre-installed sample maps at line 370 in navit.xml.

<mapset enabled="no">
   <xi:include href="$NAVIT_SHAREDIR/maps/*.xml"/>